Mazenta Residence Bintaro
6B Jalan Masjid Nurul Qomar, Kecamatan Ciputat, Banten 15413

Cipta Harmoni Lestari (CHL) Group through PT. Serpong Bangun Cipta, subsidiary of Harita Group, an Indonesian business conglomerate. The group’s core businesses are in the natural resources sector such as Palm Oil, Nickel, Bauxite, Property, which operates throughout Indonesia.

Cipta Harmoni Lestari has land bank of 600ha and has developed a few projects such as Banara Serpong Residence in South Tangerang, The Sanctuary Collection – Premium Residence in South Sentul and Marchand Hype Station – Commercial community space in Bintaro Sector 9.

CHL is committed to make positive and long lasting impact through its development by giving added value for their customers who occupies them.

OUR CONCEPT | 私たちのコンセプト

With A Broad Vision on Sustainability and Eco-design Cipta Harmoni Lestari, through Atelier Riri Committed to Develop a Prefab Building Concept for More Efficient and Practical Way of Construction. All of Those Things Will be Done in a Platform of Reasonable Execution and Construction.

Mazenta residence is part of our latest residential concept that tries to answer the cultural challenges of urban society. By mentioning rational design characteristics, but still prioritizing the functionality of open space and capturing the outside space to become a visual extension into the house.

Mazenta residence is a signature that we created not only on the adaptive aspect of the house and the space in it but also on the environment that has good quality and supporting functions. In addition to the clubhouse which is the signature building in this neighborhood, the entrance gate is connected by a jogging track that leads to other parks in the cluster.

We take a fresh mood and color palette from Scandinavian and Japanese architectural elements, then we present it by redefining the architecture of Atelier Riri for Mazenta Residence. Of course, with strong locality and identity values, it feels that you live in an environment that is adaptive to nature and has a sustainable future.