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17 Jalan Elang, Pondok Aren, Banten 15229
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PSY Steamboat Yakiniku Bintaro

Steamboat & Yakiniku

At first, Steamboat and Yakiniku are quite exclusive menu in Indonesia. But in 2005, we came.

Start from street food tent, originally known as Pattaya Steamboat Yakiniku, PSY still serving healthy food, with good quality and affordable price in a big plate of steamboat and yakiniku to society.

PSY serve steamboat and yakiniku in package menu, where people can enjoy big plate together with affordable price and much cheaper if we compare it by putting price per pax in All You Can Eat restaurant.

With variants package

With variants package of Steamboat and Yakiniku, now everyone and everytime can experience and make memories of cooking and eating together with friends and family. Maybe that’s why we have some reguler customer who came regularly every month, and even every week! Treating friends on your birthday, family or friends gathering would feel nice and easy in our place.

And the best part of all is, more people who came, our price would felt cheaper and cheaper for you. Not kidding, really